Assess Align Achieve

Career Development and Talent Management  Assessment

Suited for middle to senior management and professionals/specialists.

Ideal to determine the way forward from either the individual and/or company's perspective;

 ♦general management, manager of specialists or specialist/technical expert?
  ♦  identification of potential or talent and subsequent development plan for succession
♦level of alignment between "inner career"(aspirations/values) and "external career"(job/organisation)

The profiling covers aspects such as:

 Cognitive Potential , Problem Solving Ability , Abstract and Conceptual Reasoning Ability , Strategic Thinking , Numerical Ability, Interpersonal, Communication and Personality Style , Management and Leadership Style, Resilience and Self Control, Level of Drive, Motivation and Ambition.

In Short

♦Duration: 7 hours 
♦Format: Psychometric tests, practical exercises, interviews, questionnaires 
♦Individual or group (not more than 5 candidates) 
1 x Written Personal and Career Development Plan
1 x 60 minutes face to face or skype/telephonic feedback to managemnt ot HR
Feedback session with candidate(face to face or telephonic)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cost: On request