Assess Align Achieve

Career Guidance

Our assessments for career guidance help to align personal style, interests, capability and values with best fit career path and external career goals.  We offer career guidance for Grade 11 and 12 learners as well as school leavers and adults. Read more...

Team Assessments   

We offer a team assessment service in which we utilise various types psychometric assessment instruments to achieve team goals according to our client needs such as team building, team fit analysis and team development.

Selection Assessments

Our assessments help you to align employee  with  organisational skills need, values, objectives and culture. Our focus is to assist you  to  select the right employees with the right skills for the right job right from the start.

We offer assessments for job selection at entry, supervisory / junior management and executive level.  Read more...

Customised Assessment Material 

Our extensive experience in the design and standardisation of psychometric assessment instruments enables us to provide a service in which we can design assessment materials such as case studies, surveys, in-trays, 360's and other similar assessment tools according to our unique client needs.

Career/Talent Development

Our career development intervention measures individual potential and align skills development with personal and career growth as well as organisational  goals.

We offer career development for junior employees, supervisory and technical professional, management and executive level.  Read more...

                 Leadership Development 

Our assessments for leadership development help to assess and align performance of leadership skills and ability in order to facilitate the growth of high achieving leaders.