Assess Align Achieve

Job Selection Assessments

 Option 1:  Entry Level Candidates

Suited for entry level job roles.

Administrative and clerical job applicants, call centre agents, personal assistants,  

shop assistants, tellers,e 

( Focus Level : SST Level 1, Quality, Patterson Level A1 – B3 ) 

 Option 2: Junior Management

                                            Suited for profiling of candidates applying for or being considered for supervisory and junior management roles.

(Focus level: SST Level 2, Service, Patterson Level B4 – C5 Assessment ) 

Profiling includes the following information 

General Cognitive Ability, Problem Solving Ability, Learning and Growth Potential, Detail Orientation, Numerical Ability,
 English Language Reading Ability, Interpersonal and Personality Style, Preferred Work Environment and Work Values. 

In short

♦Duration: 6 hours (depending on client's choice of tests)  
♦Format: Psychometric tests, practical exercises, interviews, questionnaires  
♦Individual or group tests
1 x written report per candidate
1 x 45 face to face or telephonic feedback
Feedback to candidate optional 
Cost: On request    
Please note: The process and test battery can be customised according to the client's needs